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December 20, 2011

The word citizen is directly linked to the idea of ​​city, where  we all live as a society.  Being a citizen means to be subject to rights including: political (access to political participation, elect representatives, freely express M15, etc), social (access to certain social services) or legal (equality ithout distinction of race or class).

Most dog owners are people who love them and assume the responsibilities they  involve  as our classmate said in his post  “feeding them, taking them out for a walk or going to the vet when they’re sick”, apart from those kind of duties and of the one of not abandoning them, there is one that shows respect for the animals but also proves citizenship,  and being a citizen means to be subject to   rights and duties.
To be responsible   should be one among the caracteristics of being a good citizen.However, people can be responsible and   not be a good citizen, it sounds like the famous phrase  “to be or not to be” , nevertheless  you can understand it  when they leave their dog’s dung all around they  ARE  irresponsible and bad citizens.  I mean  their obligations with other citizens have to be first, even though they seem to be insignificant.

It is said when you step on a dog’s dung you should not complain about it because it should bring you good luck. However, I do not agree and I suppose neither do you, what you get is great annoyance.

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  1. December 21, 2011 10:56 pm

    I have stepped on several dog’s dungs and I have never won in a lotery game

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