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December 20, 2011

It seems that the “autumn”? is coming, after several months “suffering” weird weather, and deciding in front of our wardrobe what kind of clothes we should put on.

Apparently, the simple action of choosing outfits is an insignificant detail, but behind this daily routine, there is a hidden and alarming situation which has been denounced by enviromentalists and scientics for a long time: Earth is being strongly damaged.

Nowadays, Earth is in rebelion against human race and a good proof of this  is what has happened around the world in the last months: Earthaques, Volcanic eruptions, drought and snowstorms. In fact, the frequency of natural disasters has increased by 42% since the 1980’s.

According to climate experts, Global warming is likely to spawn more weather extremes, and a new report from The United Nations also confirms that the weather will get more drastic as greenhouse gasses continue to be  pumped into the air by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal. In spite of this state of affairs, what kind of measures are the governments adopting in order to brake this risky situation?. Only “Expectations” up to now. in other words , Environmental Summits mean well, but without reaching convincing and conclusive agreements.

On the other hand, although International meetings have not achieved real proposals to enhance the enviromental conditions, it is fair to point out that several plans which have been taken by Governments, such as leading people to not use plastic bags (at least for free),  not to waste water, recycling or using public transport. They are slowly contributing to changing consumer behaviour and reducing the Environmental impact. Nevertheless, these public awareness campaigns and stratagems have not been enough to slow down the ecological hazardous problem for Earth, and consequently , for the Humanity as well.

To sum up, it is necessary that the Governments try a different and comprehensive approach to the environmental degradation and they have to takle the problem from a realistic and altruistic point of view, that is to say, to get to beneficial decisions, not thinking only about economics profits, but also reasonable humanitarian solutions.

For all of that, personally, I prefer to continue enjoying the “Four Seasons” in this part of the world, instead of  having a “Tropical” December.

Merry “cold” Christmas for all of you!


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  1. December 21, 2011 10:51 pm

    really I think there is a polution problem but since I discovered that Kioto meeting had created a market, similar to the stock market, where rich countries can buy rights to polute to poorer countries I started to think that this trouble is another way for rich countries to go on dominating the poorer ones

  2. franeoivlc permalink
    December 24, 2011 4:42 pm

    We cannot wait until our governments decide to do something against the environment destruction. They won’t do anything as far as it represents less profits for industry. The power is in our hands not mine nor yours, it’s in people hands because we can take public transport or we can use our bicicle to go to work, because we can avoid buying not environmental friendly articles, because we can use our central heating at a normal temperature… There are hundreds of things we can do to save our planet. Why don’t we start today?

  3. yasalve permalink
    January 2, 2012 12:39 pm

    I agree with Fran. We have to make an effort and do little things to help the environment. For example, we can try to buy food that has grown up at Spain or divide the garbage and put it in different bins.

  4. January 18, 2012 9:42 pm

    It’s true that we can do a lot of things to help the environment but not everything depend on us! Yes, i always use public transport but what about the prices of the tickets or the long time you are waiting for the bus or the underground, the public transport service is not good and this is government fault! Yes, we can do a lot of things and make an effort for our environment but it’s very disappointing when you realize that your government doesn’t do anything to help.

  5. July 6, 2012 9:09 am

    I think the best way to start doing somthing fot the Earth is to start thinking and foing something small, for example, try to use less palstic bags, save water at home and don’t forget to switch of electricity, etc. If everybody starts doing it, then the World can for sure become a better place!

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