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An effective communication

November 16, 2009

Communication is necessary and important in everything we do. Not only oral communication but written communication too. Both, oral and written, are present in our daily lives. We constantly have conversations and send emails to our friends, at home we speak to our family, at work we need to keep a conversation with our workmates or our boss, we send emails, hold meetings,etc…So, it’s for this reason that a good communication is relevant and everybody should learn how to communicate effectively.

Firstly, when we want to transmit something to somebody we have to know what we want to say exactly. In fact, we should think before speaking or in other words, we should organise our ideas.  It’s better to choose some main ideas, focus on them and practise our speech.    The same happens with written communication. When we want to write something formal or important to an important person we must prepare a coherent and structured text in which we explain our ideas in a clear way.

Then, it’s very important to be articulate when we speak and to be aware of communication is a two way process. When we speak to other people we should listen carefully and make eye contact. That’s a sign that shows the interest we have in what they are saying.

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