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November 16, 2009

People who want to have an effective communication should follow some simple rules.

To begin with, choose the right time and the right place, that´s why a good idea if you need to discuss something sensitive could be to go somewhere you can´t be overheard, on the contrary if you have to make an speaking to a large group of people the best place would be somewhere large so everyone could hear.

Communication is a two-way process, based on, firstly listening carefully to what other people are saying and if you don´t understand them, ask  to repeat the idea which is trying to be explained and then you can go on speaking and showing your point of view.

Communication is central to everything we do. Every day we need to speak to people constantly home and work, also we have to send e-mails as well as hold meetings.

Another important thing is to be articulate in your speaking which means you should avoid mumbling and negative facial expressions, but make eye contact.

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