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My Favourite Restaurant

October 19, 2009

Hi everybody. I´m Lidia.

As we were talking last day in class, todays subject is  “my favourite restaurant”. I live in Betera and we made reference to some restautants near this area. The one I like most is The Rossinyol. Nowadays they have been awarded the Valencian Paella International Award. It was a hard selection because they competed against 43 other Paellas. Besides the  the award, in my opinion it´s a nice place both in Summer as in Winter. In summer they usually open a beautiful terrace outside and it´s very pleasant to have supper there. As well as the comfortable place, for me is important the service, and in my opinion also here there is a very good customer service.

All these  reasons are why I always go to the Rossinyol to have dinner or supper.

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