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October 19, 2009

Hi! I’m Carol. Let’s talk about our favourite restaurants! I think Marisa’s idea  was a good one. As I said last Thursday, I love eating out, but I always go to the same restaurants because I daren´t go to new ones.

One of those I usually visit for dinner is in the same suburb as Amparo’s favourite restaurant, in Abastos. In spite of being an Italian restaurant, It is my first option when we are a group because they have a varied menu. Not only can you choose between a wide range of fresh pastas and sauces but they also serve fabulous meat and fish dishes. And of course, they offer all kinds of pizzas, which could be a good idea If you go with children.

The service is very good and in my opinion it is excellent value.

That´s all folks! I hope you like my proposal. See you tomorrow

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  1. amparocala permalink
    October 25, 2009 11:20 pm

    Hi Carol,

    My daughters love the Toscana, I go with them some special days, during the week they a very reasonable menu, just 5 euros, and they enjoy it a lot, the service is always nice with them. I like very much the pizza they have and the salads also but the rest of the plates are not so excellent for me, anyway I always enjoy going there.

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