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October 19, 2009

Hello everybody !

I would like to recommend the restaurant ” El Raco de l´Olla ” which is situated in the wildlife park ” La Albufera”. The distance from Valencia is about eleven kilometers, this place has the best views on the lake, so you can enjoy a typical Valencian meal like paella while you watch people going on a boat trip. In my opinion this restaurant is really expensive but if you can´t afford spending a lot of money, another good option would be to choose any restaurant in ” El Palmar ”  where you can find many good value restaurants. There is one thing you must do once you have finished eating  and that is to take a boat trip and visit one ” barraca ” which was the typical house of fishermen who lived in ” La Albufera ”  hundreds of years ago. I think spending a whole day at  ” La Albufera ” is a good choice for family celebrations.

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