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The Patio of Vich the Ambassado

November 28, 2008

las provincias

picture: las provincias

Valencia was a major commercial city about 15th and 16th century with relevant economic and artistic connections with Italy. Because of this, there have lasted many traces of early Rennaisance in most of the best city buildings in Valencia.

Recently it was restored and put up a must see peace in San Pius Museum. It was a cortile from the “Embajador Vich” palace. Don Jerónimo Vich de Vallterra, barón de Llaurí was the “Fernando el Católico” and “Carlos V” ambassador in Rome, earlier in the 16th century. When he came back to his city, Valencia, in 1521 he ordered to build a palace in an Italian way. After the palace has fallen down, the cortile remained unassembled in different buildings.

Unfortunately during many years it was impossible to be visited. But now you should n’t miss visiting one of the most significant Rennaisance vestiges in Valencia.

Although initially the cortile was open to the sky, it is now covered by a glass roof. I suggest your visiting in the morning, letting the natural light remarks the beautiful classicist forms. Columns, arcs and everything were built in marble, brought from Italy. Maybe you can find it a bit ideal, and peculiar out of his architectonic context. Don’t miss to understand its significance to have a look at the triptych provided by the Museum.

If I were you I’d also go around the Museum, there are some beautiful pictures hided there.

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