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November 14, 2008

I am not very good at doing things that people normally understand as challenges. I mean do these kind of activities in which you face physical endurance or set yourself at high risk. Just to think in one of these challenging situations gets on my nerves. When I was young,a time to enjoy risk, neither of these adventurous sports appealed to me. At that time I used to say, that my favorite activity was to be sitting in a good armchair reading a book (if possible reading the whole book in one afternoon). Doing this you can imagine what my best adventures were like. Why should I run a risk when I could imagine everything I wanted by reading a book?. I was never an action woman. But I like walking by the seeside, in the mountains, aroundthe cities. Nothing more exciting than a long walk after a good book hasbeen read, being still involved by its atmosphere.  Nothing more challenging than to come back to real life.

And real life should be the true adventure for everybody. Because to live is the most important challenge you can face. To understand what it is all about, what is worth and what it  isn’t in life. Who you are and what you want. For me the process in which everybody has to face their dreams, growing as a human being, learning to be their own master is the most exiting challenge one can ever do. And daily life wouldn’t be easy to face, if you don’t put aside the entire stimulus that every day urge you to be almost perfect. There is a lot of pressure from many compasses around people today. Mass media, marketing, society, religions, family are always pushing us. The world is changing really fast. It is becoming somehow undersized and homogenous, scarce in human values as well. But we can do our task day by day; we can do our best even knowing we are like somebody only human.

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