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November 11, 2008

If someone reads this title he or she could think that it isn’t an important challenge. I have been thinking about different goals in my life and this is my conclusion: to be engaged with my job. I have been studying for 26 years and I still continue doing so. I have always believed that my studies could help me to face future challenges. It is not possible to obviate that work is an important part. Even when I was a child, I had two ideas very clear: I want to be happy, so if I have to work all my life, I need a job that makes me happy. That is the first idea, the second is about the job. It would be gratifying for me and it must help or contribute to society. It has been a burning ambition, which I’m still trying to achieve. But, what about that engaging job?

Many jobs can be engaged with society. In fact, the majority could be. A teacher, a doctor, a politician, a psychologist, a judge, a social worker and so on. But I opted for being journalist, a person who reports on today’s news. The main reason is that I love being with different people, to get to know their stories, and to be sure that those stories are true. And, also, I like one of the most important objectives that I think an engaged journalist must do. To denounce or make public illegalities and injustices that society suffers. However, it is not so easy. It is said that the journalists are manipulative. A part of that sentence is real. Journalists write or talk about the facts from their point of view. Furthermore, another problem stems from the publishing line of the media. It’s a very important point when you work. You must respect this and at the same time, be an engaged journalist. Sometimes, this situation is very hard.

In short, I believe that my dream has come true. I have achieved the balance and I have the right attitude for being a journalist who works for reportering about different (national and internacional) news , with freedom of speech.

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