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November 14, 2008


I had never thought of doing rafting and even less of doing hydrospeed until a friend of mine told me about these adventurous sports. Well, I was pretty sure that rafting was a water sport but I did not have the faintest idea what hydrospeed was, so she explained it to me. Although at first I didn’t want to face this challenge, finally she convinced me to go with her and a week later we set off to Llavorsi. When we arrived the place was packed , but people was divided in groups, we were put in a group of six people. All of us were wearing neoprene suits and boots and a helmet .In the middle of the group was the monitor who was giving some instructions about what we had to do when we were descending the rapids on this very brave river ”Noguera Pallaresa”. Rafting is a group sport so I felt very confident when we picked our pneumatic raft and our oars up and went in the river. It was extremely exciting to try to avoid falling into the water and dogging rocks. I spent a great day
The next day I was a bit concerned about hydrospeed well, when we arrived there they gave us our equipment which was basically the same as the rafting but the suit was thicker and we had to wear flippers. This time the monitor gave us a plastic board, this one was the only thing we were going to have to descend the river apart from our body, which would be constantly in contact with the water. The monitor gave us some instructions about how to use the board and what it was very important not to let go off the board.. Well at first I was terrified but I decided to have the right attitude and be positive. So I did my best, and I achieved my goal..

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