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November 4, 2008

Hi! I would like to tell you about my experience on halloween night.
Crowds of people could be seen singing in the street, dressed in sinister costums with lit-horns, dripping blood , wearing horrific masks… well, my friend and I were walking and talking peacefully on our way to a bar.
We were enjoying the nice temperature and all of a sudden a kid hidden in a tree gave us a big fright, shouting at us, we became astonished and felt upset with the boy. Then we started a little chat about this party.
In my opinion halloween has nothing to do with our culture, our habits, our Mediterranian way of living and the history in our country.
I think this day should be a reflexion about death and grief, a recall to our beloved relatives and a regard about how people live nowadays.
Is not possible that halloween is used as another excuse to lead us to absurd consumerism?
Isn’t it enough with “Mac-donals” and junk food in American restaurants?
Are these the values which we want to transmit to our children?
The point is that even schools are promoting this celebration and people seem to accept it without making questions to themselves, without cosidering that our identity could be at stake.
That thing that makes Spaniards singular, genuine, authentic, sincere and friendly.

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  1. janea08 permalink
    November 11, 2008 9:14 pm

    I agree with you about the fact there are many interests in profiting this kind of celebration only for commercial aspects. I also accept that Halloween is nothing to do with our culture more private and religious than others. But sometimes we don’t regret things because they are new, just because they are stupid. And surely it is the manner than commercial had sold this in our country. Halloween come from Celt tradition. Initially was some harvest celebration before The Church try to transform in religious celebrations the pagans ones. By the time “All hallows’ Even” becomes Halloween. It started when people believed spirits came the day before the All Hallows’ Day Celebration. To defend from their fright people started to dress themselves with dreadful disguises. They also thought spirits may were being afraid this way. There were Irish who spread all USA and Canada this old tradition. By the time past became as many of other celebration in some pretext to go outside to have fun, and make noisy, just to break life routine. And this has more to do with Mediterranean culture. Another thing is that nowadays young people is always looking for excuses to break routing. Although sometimes it is nice they had an old one. Even more, if somebody would make lovely disguises putting their imagination far from boringness.

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