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March 28, 2011

Hi Dear classmates,

Last Friday when I was driving, I switched on the radio by chance and heard about Daylight Saving time (DST). My first reaction was against this change. Why? Because I Know I’ll sleep one hour less on Monday!!!

Yesterday, while I was thinking about what I could write in English, Daylight Saving time (DST) came to my mind.

Immediately, I did some research on google  and now, I know, just a little, about the creator and the history of it: It was the New Zeeland entomologist G.V. Hudson in 1895 the first who proposed the modern Daylight Saving Time, whose shift-work job gave him leisure time to collect insects, and led him to value after hours daylight. (Nothing related to saving energy).

The proposal for this change of time was accepted in UK in 1915, and later on, in 1916, was accepted by Germany and its World War I allies, as a way to preserve coal during wartime. Since then, the world has seen many enactments, adjustments and repeals.

If we asked a random sample of people: Why did Daylight Saving Time start , and why does it still continue? I think most people would answer: “To save energy!”

But there are some university studies that show us this fact is not exactly true: Although energy conservation remains an important goal, energy patterns have greatly changed since then, and the results of the studies (saving energy) are contradictory.

Supporters have given more reasons:

PUBBLIC SAFETY: They argue DST(Daylight saving time) can produce a reduction in traffic fatalities . A 2009 US study found that on Monday after the switch DST there are more traffic accidents because workers have slept less.

EFFECTS ON HEALTH: DST(Daylight saving time) has mixed effects on health: It alters sunlight exposure; and whether it is beneficial or not, it depends on one’s location an daily schedule and not in generalizations:(Ex. It can be good for the skin, but it can produce skin cancer, too; DST can help depression but some argue the opposite, etc, etc…)

ECONOMIC COSTS (Enterprises have to re-adapt computers applications, meetings, etc…and all these things have a high cost. Don’t forget it! )

In consequence, if DST is questionable (It doesn’t save energy, human lives or money, why do we continue going year by year round this madness of changing the time twice a year?!!!

I could suggest we could follow Stéphane Hessel’ SLOGAN: “Cry out!”

And you, what do you think o what would you suggest?

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  1. Beatriz permalink
    March 28, 2011 4:26 pm

    Hi, Ana.
    I agree with you because I don’t want to have one hour less on Sunday(although we have one hour more in October).
    Anyway, If we can save energy or no with the change of time is a question that the tecnicians may resolver because they can have all the information to do a real investigation.
    We continue going year by year with the change of time because it is compulsory for us, like too many things in our life.
    As you know , there are a lot of created interests and sometimes the results of the studies are contradictory.
    But, really, I don’t know what can we do. I’m sorry.

  2. martatamarit permalink
    March 29, 2011 5:29 pm

    Ey! I like the DST, it´s true that this week is being more hard than others because we have to become accustomed to get up earlier and go to bed earlier too, but next week when we will feel better we could enjoy more at afternoon because the sun is rising down later now! al 8 pm is still day!

    what would do is not to do the DST in Autumn hehe

    but I have never think about the problems that the DST involves, i´m really surprise

  3. Trini Sayas permalink
    March 29, 2011 7:43 pm

    Hi mates!!

    I agree with Marta, the problem is only the first week, after it, we can enjoy the cool air in the morning, the day´s light..the warm nigths .. we can say winter is over.. and all this make us to feel better.

    So I utterly disagree with both of you about the consequences, actually I am not sure you can say it has bad benefits in our health, sun is vitamin!!! and neither in the economical system.

    What is more, I´d go along with the opinion that it is very significant to reduce the pollution, to save energy, to avoid Global Warming….

    How says the song. Here comes the sun!!

  4. martatamarit permalink
    March 29, 2011 10:41 pm

    I´ve realized that I´ve made some mistakes:
    last sentence isn´t correct, the right sentence is: I have never though about the problem that DST involves

    Trini I agree with you, reduce pollution and save energy should be one of society main objective, but I don´t think that the DST helps to reduce it, even i don´t believe that the new movement that has been promoted to turn lights off during five minutes helps a lot to save energy

  5. Philipp permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:42 am

    Hello guys,

    I am really happy that you are talking about this topic.
    To my surprise, I share the opinion of most contributors,
    however, I have to add something to Trini´s comment.

    Trini, please accept my apologies if you find this remark insulting, but let me assure you that I have done everything in my power to communicate it in the most subtle way possible.

    You, or the person who is posting under your name, are completely resistant to good reasoning. The original poster has made an effort to explain his arguments and you are just wiping them away without even considering their validity.
    I would recommend you to re-read the original argumentation. It is always important to be able to justify one´s views, a skill that I frankly cannot observe in your statement.
    I have to remind you that the original text and the arguments are about the act of ‘changing the time’ in contrast to just leaving the time unchanged.

    Of course, I would also like to share my opinion about the subject:
    If I were to decide, I would definitely vote for keeping the DST all year long
    and additionally, but this is just a question of personal taste, change our timezone here to GMT+2 because I like the sun so much ;). Galicia should maybe ignore the latter change.

    All the best with your English class 🙂

  6. Philipp permalink
    March 30, 2011 12:49 am

    Oh, before I forget, I have to remark about a mistake that others and I
    often commit.
    The accent ´is not used to abbreviate constructions like ‘I have’ or ‘it is’,
    the correct symbol can be found next to the number 0 (zero) on the Spanish keyboard layout
    although I can understand that the use of ´ is tempting.
    Here again an example:

    It´s <- wrong (just the normal Spanish accent)
    It's <- right (single quotation mark)
    Of course, it might be due to some of us normally working with an English layout where the position of the accent is different.

  7. marisadedios permalink*
    March 30, 2011 10:32 am

    TNice song Trini

  8. Anna Seguer permalink
    March 30, 2011 1:07 pm

    Hi Trini,
    I see my article has been controversial. I hope “things never got bloody”. Nice weekend with one hour more.

  9. Trini Sayas permalink
    March 30, 2011 3:01 pm

    Hi Anna !!
    The same to you, but , one hour more?? Sure??
    I think it was one hour less, ha ha ha !!!

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