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Our Visit to PIO V Museum

December 2, 2010

Sorry it has taken me so long to publish the pictures of our visit to the fine arts musem. You have told me how wonderful it was, but I would like you to share it here and also write about the piece you chose when you went back to see the pictures on your own.Looking forward to reading your comments.Once again I would like to thank George, for he made our visit a truly enjoyable one.

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Our Visit to PIO V Museum,


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  1. Jose Ramón permalink
    December 2, 2010 2:25 pm

    Last Friday I had serious doubts about the museum visit. Maybe the main reason was the handicap of the art vocabulary. I wasn’t sure to understand the guide explanations. However the leader surprised me and the rest of the group, because he was a fantastic professional. He spoke perfect English, he didn’t speak aloud, and he was very respectful and polite to our group.

    I love his way of showing the pictures, he explained us how ancient gothic painters prepared the wood and their paints; it was a difficult and hard work. He said some characteristics of the materials that they used. It was helpful to understand how painters had to work with these materials, and it allows you to appreciate better the pictures.

    The guide made the visit very interesting; in my opinion he not only wanted to show the pictures he also wanted that we felt the art.

    I thank the guide for this visit and I want to thank to our teacher for that wonderful experience.

  2. Trini Sayas permalink
    December 3, 2010 12:44 pm

    I have to say that I love art, so I really enjoyed with our visit to S. Pious V Museum.
    It was The Renaissance art that captived me . We can considerate Italy like the cradle of The Renaissance but Spain and Valencia in particular was the first town which received modern Italian currents because of displacement and exchange of artists from one to another country.

    I delighted in valencian artist Juan de Juanes or Vicent Masip (1475-0550) who was a great relevance painter, known for his religious paintings and iconography, like the Ecce Homo, The immaculate Conception, El Salvador oil on table…etc.
    My favourite paintig is Ecce Homo, which is an iconographic prototype on the idealization of the divinity of Jeusu Crist. You can tell the tender gaze on a face with sweet tears, while (as the picture hardly has movement) he gently inclines his head and keeps his hands interwined and relaxed…almost femenine. In my opinion ,it is an oil painting with great beauty.

    I am so sorry but it has been impossible to add the picture here.

  3. Vicent permalink
    December 6, 2010 2:03 pm

    A visit to the San Pio V museum of Valencia
    First of all, I would like to congratulate George for two wonderful hours we spent in the museum.
    To tell you the truth I became impressed by some different pictures so it has been difficult to choose only one, between them, to talk about. Finally I decided to choose The Holy Supper, by Joan de Joanes.
    The Holy Supper also known as The Last Supper is a moving event in the Christian History, that’s why this event has been painted for so many painters, every one of them tried to immortalize a particular instant of the supper.
    The Holy Supper is considered the first Eucharist, therefore very important for the Christian faith. Most of the pictures about The Holy Supper show the moment in which the Eucharist is taken place, however, the picture we saw in San Pio V by Joan de Joanes shows us the instant when Jesus discovers the traitor apostle to the rest .
    We can know this because the only apostle who isn’t painted with the holy circle around his head is dipping a piece of bread into a dish at the same time that Jesus does. As we know by reading the Bible that was the way which Jesus discovered the traitor apostle to the rest.
    In this picture we can see Jesus Christ with The Twelve Apostles.The painter tries to show the different kinds of feelings they were living at the moment.
    On the one hand, Jesus Christ had advertised the apostles about his death so they might be very worried because of the new events they were going to live in the next days. Perhaps, most of them didn’t understand completely what were going to happen with them, in this way, maybe, they were scared and anxious.
    On the other hand, they might be very shocked, because Jesus had advertised them that one between them would betray him. At this point most of them tried to show Jesus their fidelity.
    All in all, the painter tried to create a mood where worries, shocks, anxieties and mysteries were present and we can see this feelings reflected in the Apostle’s faces.

  4. marisadedios permalink*
    December 11, 2010 2:34 pm

    Thank you all. Trini, here is Ecce Homo’s pic

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