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April 22, 2010

So today is Earth day and we’ve dealt with environment. Would you like to expand on the topic?

Watch this video

Calculate your foot print

click on the image to calculate your footprint

Play these games

click on the image to play the game

Click on the image to play this kids game

Learn these words

Do this interactive vocabulary exercise

Do this listening exercise

Read about ecoturism and do the interactive exercises

And finally finish this sentence

click on the image to finish the sentence

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  1. Carles permalink
    April 28, 2010 2:30 am

    New ways of explotation of the third world

    This video is very interesting and, also, worrying. I watched the useless expenses, the different and discouraging percentages and our obsession with shopping everything we see. I confess, I am scared of that.

    It is true, it is very difficult to solve this question. Maybe, it would be possible to find a solution, but who would start this hazardous adventure? I think each country is suspicious of other ones. That is to say, ruling class –from any contry- had started to walk by this way, but, maybe, it is necessary to trust that the rest of countries would follow the same path. Doing that on its own, without a positive sign of the rest, it could mean the risk of losing its place in the world economy. Nobody wants it.

    But, it is not the only problem. There are new ways and characters in this tragedy. China and Corea, for example, are renting a lot of lands in other countries –mainly in African countries. They can decide which is the final production in these lands, in other words, China or Corea decide what to produce and how. Native population remains exluded from these important decisions. If the new owners want certain crops, they will do it, in spite of local interests. It is a new way of colonization and pollution –we can presume the sort of anti-pollutant controls we could find in those explotations!

  2. Helena permalink
    May 8, 2010 11:52 am

    Hi everybody!

    I’m sorry for have being disappeared these last two weeks, but I had too much work, expositions and some exams in university.

    I watched this video some weeks before, and today, I’ve watched it again. And, certainly, when you watch something like this you can’t remain indifferent… it’s a very good video, and very well-explained.

    I agree with the opinion of the video, which defends the impossibility to continue with a liner stuff production. Natural resources are finite, and they will be finished one day. The perfect model would be a closed loop way of production, as they say, but I think (like Carles) that nowadays it’s something really difficult to get… especially because it would affect countries economies, and goverments and corporations won’t let it be.

    It’s very sad to see how natural resources are being finished…how forests, rivers, animals and their habitats,….are destroyed. And also how the human make the situation worst adding toxic substances…destroying even more the planet and also our health.

    About shopping, I think it’s one of the biggest problems in society nowadays. It’s incredible how people buy and spend their leisure time buying things they usually don’t need. But the problem is the media and advertisements, they try to make us think we need their products, that our life is not good if we don’t have their products. They try to shell that our happiness and way of life depend on what we buy…
    I hope one day consumer people would realise that shopping and having more and more things don’t make you happier…happiness is another thing.

    I hope someday the world will realise the importance of our nature and how important is to save it…

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