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Carol’s story: The Inheritance

April 17, 2010

Listen to me telling you a story. Would you like to read it too? Then click on “read more” below.

After you have listened to my story , please take a minute to do the poll. Our teacher will let us know who is the winner of this competition.

Feel free to write a comment giving a different end or just continuing my story.

I was bankrupt. (My last divorce had left me without anything) I let myself cajole by a bohemian painter who turned out to have expensive tastes which at the end I couldn’t afford.

So I was alone, sitting on the floor of the empty living room of my distrainted home when the phone rang.

“Yes? It’s Norah” my lethargic voice answered.

“Norah? Are you fine?” I recognized that arrogant voice immediately, it was my cousin James.

“Hi James… I guess I have known better days” I said.

“ Well. I just call to tell you that uncle Paul has died and the notary said that you have to be there during the reading of the will” I could feel a lump in my throat: uncle Paul was dead. During my childhood and adolescence we had had a marvellous relationship but on reaching maturity we had lost contact. Last week, after al least three years without any touch I saw a missed call from him on my mobile. I wasn’t on mood and I didn’t return his call .

“What did he die of?” I asked remorsefully.

“ I suppose that he died of old age or of a heart attack,….” He said indifferently. “Anyway,” He went on “we need you here on Sunday morning. The reading will begin at 9 o’clock so please, try to stay at the old man’s home ten minutes before.” He flatly said.

“ Don’t worry. I’ll be there on time”

When I came in, everybody was waiting for me.

“ As usual, you’re always seeking attention” said Helen, my stuck-up cousin.

I didn’t bother to reply

“Shall we start?” the notary said. We nodded.

“Dear nephew and nieces” he started to read uncle Paul’s will by the word. “ James, I leave you the Rolls Royces. Since now you’ll never need to borrow them from me”

“In fact, he never lent me either of them…” “James whispered to his wife.

“I leave this mansion to my niece Helen: Helen I have always known how much you like it. The house and all what is inside it is yours except for the books in the library, which are for Norah”

“Each gets what he deserves …” Helen said while she was looking at me maliciously

“Norah: I leave you Thomas to take care of him; You have always liked.

Helen let out a guffaw “Jua, jua, jua” Thomas was a tortoise as old as Uncle Paul was who wore a huge rattle on the top of his shell.

So I had just inherited hundreds of books and an almost centenarian reptile. When I was a child Uncle Paul and I spent the autumn evenings into the library flicking through those dusty books. So I could understand why he had left them to me. But I couldn’t puzzle out why he entrusted me Thomas!

When I was at home, surrounded by all those volumes and hearing this exasperating jingling, I felt that I couldn’t put up with that kind of torture.

I leaped up and pulled the noisy rattle off the tortoise, but then I realized that inside it there was something strange. I forced the rattle and I extracted a key from a safety deposit box with a number printed in it. I went to the only bank in town, I opened the box with the same number and inside it I found a check made out to me for a hundred million euros!

I guess that who laughs last laughs longest…

5 Comments leave one →
  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    April 17, 2010 7:31 pm

    Congratulations Carol! You have certainly made an effort with this story. The sound effects are great! I have really enjoyed listening to your story.

  2. Carles permalink
    April 21, 2010 11:30 pm

    This tale of yours is very interesting, well done with a surprising end. The conversation is fluid and agile. Besides you have built a couple of supporting characters –the cousins- which are perfect to be hated. Congratulations!

  3. Esther permalink
    April 22, 2010 1:39 am

    jajajaja Carol, you are a good actress! Nice story and very good work.

  4. Helena permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:16 pm

    Congratulations Carol! I like your story a lot, and much more your interpretation. keep on that way!

  5. albertomr permalink
    May 2, 2010 8:47 pm

    wuao! really good, with sound effects and diferent voices. Have you ever thought on being an story teller?

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