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My radio story

April 16, 2010

Listen to me telling you a story. Would you like to read it too? Then click on “read more” below.

After you have listened to my story , please take a minute to do the poll. Our teacher will let us know who is the winner of this competition.

Feel free to write a comment giving a different end or just continuing my story.

Jeff was a detective, but not a normal detective. He had been working as a detective for twenty years and he became very famous in his city.

Some years ago, while he was reading a book at home, something strange happened. It was getting dark and his neighbours were supposed to be out. Suddenly, he heard a really loud noise, and few minutes later, someone screamed breaking the silence. Jeff jumped quickly from his seat and threw the book he had been reading to the floor. He felt nervous but he didn’t lose his temper.

Jeff went towards the window and after a while, he saw someone running outside. Then, he ran towards the front door, but he fell down because of his book. If he hadn’t left his book on the floor he wouldn’t have fallen down, and maybe he would have had time to see who was running outside. But he fell, and he couldn’t find who had escaped. Thinking of his own security, he went to his neighbour’s house, and he saw that the door (which was open) was also broken. It was very dark outside, and the lights weren’t working. Next, Jeff got inside the house and discovered an unknown woman lying on the floor. She was dead. And Jeff dind’t know who she was .

Suddenly, Jeff heard a car noise and he felt it was the murder’s car, so he ran to the road and, very quickly, he was able to stop the car and catch the murderer.

Jeff didn’t know who the murderer was, but once the murder was in prison, he did everything to discover it.

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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    April 17, 2010 6:04 pm

    My mum used to tell me never to let things scattered around the floor, Helena, and your story confirms she was right in a way. 😉

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