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Two-part expressions

March 9, 2010

If you’d like to practise a bit more:

two-part expressions 1

two-part expressions 2

two-part expressions 3

two-part expressions 4

two-part expressions 5

two-part expressions 6

And maybe after you’ve done the exercises you would like to put your vocabulary into practice. How about writing a short paragraph about a topic of your choice trying to introduce as many two-part expressions as possible?

Peter still had some bits and pieces to do at work but he was sick and tired of working overtime. He knew this was part and parcel of his new position in the company but he wasn’t ready to miss that wine and dine at his favourite restaurant in town. So he switched his computer off and went home. There was Mary, ready and waiting, “Good Evening, darling”, she said.–4Rz5wjI6NX9TCU2Nvhww0XZwpT6Qx5oON9FK4OVWyj73iERzruJFjHw_h35ISUXrJUOQ2QmzAnTKahS40UhDT1KL9O4dDG0iZX_nZttMpsWQJR8MflLPP6mCy4LvW9fJ-7oBJEkQeU5KjybyT34VawVj2VZRL7-Xl-ck444rY5IH4Pw%3D%3D

Here’s an example from your PALE mates

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  1. MARIO permalink
    February 10, 2009 5:51 pm

    Sylvie worked in an office, and suddenly she realised how unconfortable feelings were spreading within herself while working in there. Many people were out and around at working hours, and the rest were just messing around. Probably she was feeling stressed because of that, she thought. She was so sick and tired of the office, of so many rules and regulations, of so many hours cheking stupid facts and figures that she hardly could bear another day. Besides, her managers were almost the worst of it, always ready and waiting to jump over their responsabilities and to pass on their duties to the one below them. Therefore, in order to enhance her situation, she began to work in a new idea: setting up her own business. After few days of thinking thoroughly what sort of business she wanted to launc, she decided to set up a tried and tested idea: a Donut’s shop. Once she had made up her mind about her next new future, she knew everything was going to be all right, once and for all.

  2. eoimarisa permalink*
    February 11, 2009 2:57 am

    I am glad you’ve managed to write a comment Mario.

  3. janea08 permalink
    February 11, 2009 7:21 pm

    Yesterday I was at a loose end and I decided once and for all to start writing my memories about 23 of February 1981. I had thought on it time to time but in a way I was sick and tired all about that appalling politic plot. So after loads of ifs and buts I said to myself: It is time to go ahead. Earning my bread and butter as a teacher, a very demanding activity, I felt extremely vital to leave my job for a while putting all my body and soul on it.
    My life wasn’t full of hustle and bustle; it was quite the opposite indeed, a normal existence plenty of odds and ends. Only in that forgotten broken up episode I risked life and limb as the others who were with me that night. We all reached an agreement to of give and take telling what our own experience was. Telling what would have happened if somebody would have ordered us to open fire when we were inside the tanks.

  4. Carles Peñarrocha Martínez permalink
    March 17, 2010 5:18 am


    It’s a simple story, the story of a odd man. Everyday he used to take the bus and later change several times transport. He only left home to go work and vice versa. He was always sick and tired of being scared of everything. He prefered being alone at home; he felt protected when he was cooped up there. Every morning he had on and off to convince himself to leave home, to start the daily fight. Each and every thought that he was a odd guy. They were right. Maybe it was because of an unhappy childhood and, also, that, during his life, he had been losing most his vital battles. Apart from that, his skin and bone appearance didn’t help him.
    He tried to be a prim and proper person, but people didn’t accept him. When he was in any transport, he used to create different characters with which to dress up his inferiority complex. He was a cloak-and-dagger agent once, for instance, and, another one, a famous singer. But he never lost sight of reality: he felt as a looser. First and foremost, he would like to be successful with people in leaps and bounds; but I repeat, he wasn’t a dumb. He realised he couldn’t sacrifice life and limb due to a cause which was lost in advance. People had judged him without offering a second chance. The best part of the day for him used to be when he arrived at home and, feeling protected, he could do interesting things such as to wait and see his favourite broadcast and, afterwards, go to bed. The worst thing was that the next day would be, without doubt, a repetition of the previous one.

  5. CARMEN ORENGO FAYOS permalink
    March 29, 2010 10:45 pm

    Mary said these words loud and clear: the building was going rack and ruin and that nice family had to move out. She felt very sad because the family was now down and out and can´t afford the amount of a new house. She had to think quickly and find a good solution. After a while she found it: she would talk to her friend Mark; he would find a cheap and cheerful house on sale and the family could go bag and baggage and start again in a new place.

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