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Guess the city

November 30, 2009

There is a fantastically picturesque coastal city which I really recommend you to visit at least for a day trip.

It’s very well known among  lots of artists and many of them have painted it when they have been there.

So quiet and peaceful in April or May that when I got married my husband and I decided to spend three days there in our honeymoon.

Some friends of mine have told me that it’s as ºif they were in paradise.

When I arrive there from my terrible, busy and exciting Valencia, I always use to contemplate a few minutes the breathtaking scenary of the gorgeous navy blue sea view and enjoy the special sea smell. It has a magic effect because suddenly I get away from it all!

Its beautiful beach has diverse contrast, sometimes with white little stones, other times black rocks. However, it must not worry you if you want to take a bath because there is golden sand at the bottom of the deep sea.

Eating out at night is also a must. It will be an extraordinary romantic moment that you will never forget. There are many bars and restaurants there that will offer you delicious meals  from different European countries. Afterwards, have a walk through the cobbled streets of the old part, which is at the top of the city, and you will have a very good time seeing the nice and small white houses.

In my opinion this traditional little fishermen town is a magnificent place for tourists because it is spoilt for choice with a lot of things to do (water sports, hiking, …)

So if you guess the city try to find the opportunity to visit it.

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  1. isabelalejo permalink
    December 1, 2009 6:15 pm

    Ok Inma. I think that I need some help. Is it a city or maybe a small town? Is it a Mediterranian place?
    Thank you Inma

  2. janea permalink
    December 2, 2009 1:39 am

    Hi Inmanagore
    I guess your city is in Spain, besides it is not a capital province. Is this idyllic town in Almeria or Malaga cost?

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