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Effective communication

November 18, 2009

Life is communication, for that reason we need to get in contact with other people. It’s necessary for us, we aren’t islands. Communication, of course, is a two-way process, that is to say, there are at least a sender and a recipient (or more) in any communication.

A basic condition for a good communication is to avoid any kind of interruption or interference. In other words, you have to be articulate in your speaking, to speak clear and to write or send messages without making spelling mistakes.

Before the moment of communication, you must choose the right time and the right place –the correct context- and organise your ideas in your mind before attempting to communicate them –to be accurate with your thinking and opinions and to try to show them correctly.

When the communication process is finished, you can analyse the results to avoid mistakes in the future: maybe you have mumbled, you haven’t listened carefully to other people’s opinions or you haven’t chosen the correct ideas. By revising these examples you can improve your ability to communicate and become a good communicator. To sum up, communication is central to everything we do.

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