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The rise of technology addiction

November 16, 2009
I would like to start this reflection by saying that most of us have
stressing lives. So we don´t know how to stop doing
things. Actually, we even feel nervous when we have a while to spend
in whatever we would like to, for example, time to contemplate a
countryside or just only to think about deep questions. We always need
to be busy.  That is the point. And probably these new gadgets like mobiles
or computers are guilty of our very busy days in somehow.
However, I suppose maybe the problem is not so new as it seems to
be, specially with teenagers who have always needed time to develop
into individuals out of their parents´company. In fact, I remember
when I was a teenager, TV was such a big problem for many people to
spend time together as a family. There were quite often television
serials that were like an addiction to many teenagers or even
families. It was not unusual in many of them take dinner together
but in silence because of the “very important program or fantastic
serial” on TV at that moment.
Nowadays the situation has became worst so that the amount of
gadgets we have available has increased. We really need to establish a
manageable relationship with technology in a way that doesn´t dominate
our lives. And going farther I must admit that of course I am rather
worried about this problem around us. Anyway, my husband and I thought
about how to protect our children against this trend and finally we
decided not to have TV at home at the moment and to make use of our
computer to watch DVD, so that we can choose whatever we think
is right for them. Besides all that, both of us also know that we
should buy a TV not now but in the future, because it is very
important to show our daughters it exists and also it can be such a
useful gadget but warning them of the consequence of a wrong use.
About Internet I am not so worried because my husband is a computer
specialist and he knows very well the way to monitor it.
Finally a short comment about mobiles. I wonder, I really wonder
why all of we must be located anywhere or anytime. I mean, most people
we have a nice relationship with get angry with us if they do not get
hold of us!!!. They usually reproach us for not being found!!!.
Incredible. Day by day with all of this we are losing our more
appreciated treasure: our freedom. That is for me a bad use of
mobiles. And they usually don´t do our relationships so close as they could be.
And also It happens frequently that instead of face-to-face interaction with a friend of
mine, I have sent an e-mail or text messages with my mobile!. And the
same happens with e-mails…so cold!. It is such a nice thing to post
a long letter to a friend or to meet him or her for a coffee or a cup
of tea..
I hope it has not been a too pessimistic comment. All that I have
written is just only in order to criticize the way modern gadgets are
incorrectly used.
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