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Effective Comunication

November 16, 2009


Communication is central to everything we do. Every day we have to speak to other people, speaking is the action that we repeat more during the day, so learning how to communicate effectively is essential.

Your speech has been interesting. This is one of the important things, on which you have to work first. If your speech isn’t as attractive as your public expect, your speech won’t be effective. If you want to be a good speaker, organise your ideas in your mind before attempting to communicate them. When you have decided the topic that you’re going to speak about, choose three main ideas and try to focus on them during the whole speech.

Furthermore, there is an important non-verbal communication while we are speaking. It is good to be articulated in your speaking, the more eye contact you will do, the more observant your listener will be. There are resorts that we can use to emphasize which we’re talking about.

Finally, try to observe the other person that is talking with you. You will get a better speech listening carefully to him and asking him to repeat if you don’t understand them. If you go on with these pieces of advice, your speech will be effective.

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