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Effective Communication

November 16, 2009

Every day we have to speak to different people at home and work. Those conversations require a particular communication for each one. It has no doubt It is not the same, speaking to your boss that speaking to your parents or your friends.  So, we can say that the relation between speaker and listener establishes one of the points of a conversation.

Another important point to be a good speaker is learning to choose the right time and the right place to express your ideas. For example, when you have to tell something inportant to your girlfriend like “marry with me” or ” Do you want to live with me?” you do not choose a disco or a football match to say this things.

Of course, practising will help us. So, I recommend to practice a bit in front of a mirror to avoid some mistakes in our speaking like mumbling or making some negative facial expressions. Finally, don´t loose the eye contact and GOOD LUCK!

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