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Effective communication

November 16, 2009

Communication is central to everything we do. Every day we need to speak to people in every place, mainly at home and work. Depending on we have to transmit we will have conversations, send emails or maybe we will be obliged to hold meetings.  Sometimes we have problems because we don´t choose the right channel to let people to know what we really want, others we don´t choose the proper way. We can lose a lot of opportunities just because we don´t know how to explain ourselves. Learning to communicate effectively is for these reasons essential.

Firstly, choose the right time and the right place. If you need to discuss something sensitive you have to look for somewhere you can´t be overheard, you don´t want a place where other people was able to listen your conversation, or that the person you are speaking to is distracted for what is happening around you.  Alteranatively it will be different if you are speaking to a large group of people, then you will need somewhere large so everyone can hear.

Organise your ideas in your mind before attempting to communicate them. If you want to speak about an important issue with someone choose three main ideas and focus on those.It´s very easy to get lost in a conversation where the messages are too many. If you have to make an important speech this rule is essential: practice, practice and practice.

Be articulate in your speaking.Follow these simple rules:  Avoid mumbling,  your voice must be high and clear, people don´t have to make an effort to listen to you .   Avoid negative facial expressions, sometimes the expressions can be stronger than  words .Make eye contact, if your are looking directly to someone he will have to pay more attention to you.

Communication is a two-way process. Listen carefully to other people, it´s important to know what they want if you want to answer properly. If you don´t understand something, don´t be shy and ask people to repeat ideas again.

Watch your look carefully. As in every thing in the life appareance is very important.If you want people look at you  and listen to which you are speaking about you have to choose the right clothes, don´t let that your listeners  distract with your dirty shoes or your original hat.

Summarize your speech. When you finish  a speech it´s convenient to resume in two o three short sentences the main message you want your interlocutors remember.  Sometimes a bad end can spoil completely a nice speech.

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