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November 16, 2009


Communication is central to everything we do. Everyday we have to speak to different people, either at the job, at school or at home. We usually spend lots of time communicating to others by different means. E-mail, online chat and telephone calls are the most common ways nowadays, although a standard face to face conversation is still the most reliable one for most of the world’s inhabitants. Still, each communication method has its own patterns, and it’s essential to learn how to communicate effectively. Here are some tips about how to do this.

Firstly, choose the right time and the right place. Whenever you need to discuss something sensitive, you don’t want to be overheard by curious people who might gossip about it, so find a place where you can’t be overheard. On the other hand, when you are going to speak to a large group of people, you need to find a place where large enough so that everyone can hear you. In case you are going to have a chat with a date, try to get an appropriate environment, with candles and good smell air fresheners, so that both you and your partner feel comfortable and relaxed.

Also, you have to organise you ideas in your mind before communicating them to your listeners. Choosing three main ideas and focusing on them is a good premise to start at, since you want to keep on topic but you don’t want to run out of ideas when you are speaking. In case you are going to give an important speech to your subordinates or to an audience, having some practise before is a good idea, so your mind doesn’t go blank while you’re at the stage.

Be articulate in your speaking. Every time you are speaking, avoid mumbling or negative facial expressions, since they never make you look good and it makes other people feel uncomfortable. Instead, try to make eye contact all the time, which makes you look self-confident and reliable.

Always remember communication is a two-way process in which both, the speaker and the listener are implied and swap roles. Whenever the other person is speaking, pay attention and listen carefully to what he’s saying. Also, you should ask them to repeat whatever ideas you didn’t understand, because the main objective of communication is making the other person to understand what we’re saying, and we should never forget about that.

Never forget to be polite. Rude words speak badly about whoever saying them. They can also create problems if the other person takes them the wrong way, so being mannered can save you a lot of apologizes.

Finally, when writing on a computer, focus on the format of the text. Even when we’re on the computer, we should keep in mind nobody likes to see messy messages or orthographical mistakes. Even if they look common or even funny sometimes, they can lead to misunderstanding problems and, therefore, should be avoided as much as possible.

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