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An effectively communication can improve your life

November 16, 2009

Communication is central to everything we do. We need to communicate at home or at work. Everyday we have conversation when we send emails or when we hold meetings, or when we are in a bar, too. So, nowadays, communicate effectively is essential. We have to learn how to do it.

First of all, we have to organise our ideas in our mind before attempting to communicate them.  We can chose three or four main ideas and focus on them. Then we explain them clearly to our. We can give topic sentences and later give examples for explain them.

Another important point is not forgive that the communication is a two –way process. So we have to keep the attention of the people. We can ask questions, and make eye contact, too. Our hand and body movements are very important as well. We have to show security, and we don´t have to doubt about what we are talking.

It is not difficult, a way to get the right communication is practising, you can speak in front of a mirror and try…Then you will see the results.

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