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Effective communication

November 15, 2009

Communication is central to everything we do. Every day we speak to people at home or work. We have conversations, send emails or hold meetings. Learning to communicate effectively is essential.

Communication is a two way process. It,s necessaryto listen carefully to other people. If you don’t understand, the best is to ask people to repeat the main ideas.

Organise your ideas in your mind before attempting to communicate them. Choose three main ideas and focus on those. If It’s an important speech you need practise.

Be articulate in your speaking. Avoid mumbling and negative facial expressions. And it,s essential to make eye contact.

Firtsly,choose the right time and the right place. If you need to discuss something sensitive, it’s better somewhere you can’t be overheard. Alternatively if you are speaking to a large group of people you need somewhere large so everyone can hear.

80% of our communication is non-verbal. You need pay attention, in your body and face, because it’s the most important part of communication.

A simple model of communication with important impacts is :Perception we use our five senses, Interpretation our brain searches for meaning and Reaction depending on our state (physiology, feelings, emotions)

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