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November 14, 2009


Nowadays In the kind of life we have in which all things go very quickly, communication is central to everything we do. Nowadays contact among people is a fact. Everyday people speak to people at home and at work. Everyone keeps lots of conversations, sends emails, holds meetings at work. For those reasons “learning about communicating effectively” is without a doubt essential  .

Talking about communication for a large group of people like speech or oratory, there are some ideas  to achieve an  effective communication.  Before starting the act of oratory, homework should be done. What this means is that it´s necessary to organise ideas in mind, not too many but three or four which  should be very clear. And If It´s the first time or if it´s about a person that becomes nervous under stress the best way is to practice the speech as many times as necessary.

Talking about interactive communication, it´s necessary to be aware that it´s a two-way process or “feedback” . So, listen and speak both of them are important and of course if some ideas are not understood it´s essential  to ask people to repeat  them.

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