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Rome wasn’t built in a day…

October 12, 2009

Hello everybody!

I’m Roberto Bernardo and I’m one of your classmates.

Firstly, I want to say you that perhaps I will need your aid sometimes… not so much, I hope… Because of this I would like you to see the song with the name of the title of my post. It is a song of Morcheeba.

I’m a 24 years old boy and I want to learn how to speak English well because I like it very much and I love studying. I have finished my degrees yet and I can’t be quite, so I want to pass this course and I have started to study French too.

I studied Technical Agricultural Engineering at the Politechnical University of Valencia  and Universitary Expert in Private Investigator at the Alicante University.

I started to work as private investigator 2 years ago, and actually I’m very busy about that, so I only can attend to the English and French classes on Mondays (my free day).

Please, remember that if you need a private investigator, I’m here (in crisis time everybody has to do advertisements of themeselves, hahaha!)

Now, I am going to show you the reason for which I chose this profession, enjoy it! (I prefer the version with the traditional typewriter, but I can’t find it!)

Nice to meet you!

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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    October 12, 2009 1:52 pm

    Welcome Roberto. A very appropriate song for the beginning of the year. Learning English at advanced level takes its time and sometimes we are not as aware of progress as at lower stages.

    You seem to have a very interesting job. Hope you can tell us any anecdotes in class.

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