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A brief introduction

October 8, 2009

Hi everybody!

I’m Helena Molina, another English student who wants to improve her English, like all of you!

I’m from Valencia and I’m studying Medicine. One of the reasons why I chose this university degree is because I want to help people and try to make their lives better, if it’s possible. I also like Medicine because it gives me the chance of going abroad and participate in cooperation programmes in poor countries. One of the dreams of my life is going one year to one of the poorest countries to cooperate. I know it’s difficult, but I’ll fight to get it!

About other activities in my life, I also play the piano. I’ve been studying piano and music for more than 10 years. At first, I started to play it as a hobbie, but some years later it became a little bit more professional, studying in the Conservatory of music. Last year, I finished it, so I have a title, but I’m not going to work at anything related with music, because I want to be a doctor (although I’m going to continue playing as a hobbie…I need the music in my life!).

About my hobbies, I can tell you that I love music, nature, travelling, reading, being with my family and friends…and enjoying the life.

Good luck everybody in this year and don’t forget to enjoy your days!:)

I add you a video of a nice classical music piece:

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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    October 12, 2009 2:09 pm

    Welcome to the blog Helena. Which year are you studying at Uni? It won’t be easy to find time to practise the piano with so many hobbies.

    Lovely piece of music. You may find this interesting. It is the same piece performed by Zukerman and he introduces the documentary.

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