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hello everybody¡¡¡

October 7, 2009

Hi¡¡ I´m Silvia and I ‘m 34. In general, I think I´m in a good moment of my live. I have a part-time job (I´m working in a call center, answering the phone calls of vodafone´s customers, in the number of customer´s atencion 123). It´s quite boring  and not very well-paid, but it´s a job that I like. Every day when I am at work, I feel well when I explain a bill to a customer, when I inform promotions ..because I feel useful.

In the other hand, I´m starting a relationship with a boy, so I´m happy.  And in November Depeche mode (my favourite group) come to Valencia  and I ´m going to go to the concert (I have the  tickets since a month ago)

Well, I´d like to reach the  secound course of advanced (English)this year too, to get a better job.


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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    October 12, 2009 2:17 pm

    Welcome Silvia. I suppose you have to be very patient to work at a call centre. I am glad your life is going well at the moment.

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