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May 15, 2009

Spain is one of the countries of the European Union which receives too many immigrants. They are from many different places, but they are mainly from Western Europe and from South America. Since the 90’s there have had a continuous movement of immigrants in our country, but not only has it been legal immigration, it has also been illegal .

For many years, our politicians have been trying to write an effective immigration law, but we have a very great problem which is that they should try to use this subject as an electoral weapon to win votes, as many other subjects. So, we can usually watch on the news many cases of labour exploitation and accidents suffered by the illegal ones, because they don’t receive the suitable training to work in buildings,  the main job they are hired for. The other one branch of our economy they are hired for is farming, and seldom do weu see one of these workers with a legal contract, and the problems appear when they suffer an accident at work, bacause nobody wants to know anything about their situation. I’m talking about the employers, of course. Now many of them are richer than before because they have exploited  these people.

Another subject is culture. Of course, they have their own culture, and we have our culture as well, and they ought to respect it. But they don’t in many cases. Of course, our cultures can live in community, the problem is the people who don’t want to do it. Education  is indispensable, not only for the immigrants, but for the Spaniards too. If we had had a good educational system for many years, now we wouldn’t have  problems in the relations between differents cultures.

Summarizing, immigration is positive if it is legal, mainly if we think about these poor people who come here without anything, but we should control the illegal one because these people are always exploited, mainly now with the crisis, and to solve the cultural barriers in order to have a better relationship.

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