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Immigration and urban legends

May 11, 2009

Immigration is one of the most controversial matters of the world. We don’t need to search too much to find different opinions about it. However, not all these opinions are right, in fact, some of them are considered population mythology.

By and large, it is widely thought that immigrants take the jobs of native workers, nothing further from the truth.  Not only do they not take jobs from anybody, but they also generate new jobs and new businesses for others. Generally speaking, immigrants fill the work gaps that local workers reject, that is, street cleaning, childcare, domestic help, old people assistance, etc. and at the same time they are a profitable source of income since they need services like housing, tax and legal consultancy, money transfer,…

Another widespread urban legend is that immigrants exploit public services. As far as illegal immigrants are concerned, they try to avoid contact with authorities due to their problematic situation, and regarding legal immigrants, it’s true that poor people claim welfare but not more than native poor people. Actually, immigrants want to work as hard as possible and they pay more in taxes than they are consuming in welfare services.

In conclusion, we must be careful when we express our opinion about immigration and try not to spread rumours without foundation.

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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    May 21, 2009 12:53 am

    Well done Jose Luis, you have made your point in a concise way and using varied language and sentence structures.

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