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May 11, 2009

As far as I am concerned I think immigration shouldn’t be a problem as it actually is. Furthermore, it’s a biological concept and all species on the environment do it. Why we as human beings are going to be different to other animals? Well, we tend to be the most complicated species.
To begin with, there’s no doubt immigration is a great problem nowadays, I mean not the movement of people to a different country looking for a better job or something different, but the exploitation some people do of undocumented immigrants. We only have to observe some unskilled labours no Spaniard wants to do as cleaning houses or working  in fruit collection, etc…, to realize that there are immigrants being exploited. In other words, some Spanish contractors are making undocumented immigrants work and they don’t give them much in return.
To tell the truth, I can’t avoid feeling shame for these people. I guess, my point of view has something to do with the fact that my grandparents were working in Germany in the 60s and they had explained me so many times the hard it was for them to work abroad, far away of their daughters but they always pointed they were done well by Germans.
On the contrary, it’s true that with the economic crisis, a great amount of jobs that were created over the last ten years, at construction sector for instance, nowadays are disappearing and a lot of people including immigrants are being dismissed, poverty is going up and as a result some immigrants are going back to their countries.
On top of that the economical inequality between immigrants and Spanish people is being highlighted.
No doubt the worst aspect of immigration is those Africans who are dying at the sea trying to arrive to Spain. Honestly, I can’t imagine how the situation is in their countries to risk their lives in such a way.
Finally, and from my point of view we should be free to choose where and how we want to live and I would like to point out that when we are born we don’t do it with a document. All of us are citizens of the World.

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  1. eoimarisa permalink*
    May 21, 2009 12:48 am

    Maria you have improved your writing skills so much! congratulations

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