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The immigration reality

May 7, 2009

Immigration has always existed in Spain for several reasons, but for some years immigration rates have risen a lot. In fact, Spain has the second highest immigration rate in EU.
Usually, people only speak about latin immigration but in Spain we can find two kinds of immigrants: people from Nothern Europe, like the British, German, etc. who settle in the Mediterranean coast. This kind of immigrants have their own communities and they live apart from Spaniards. They come to Spain looking for good weatger and a peaceful place to retire.
On the other hand, there is an enormous percentage of immigrants coming from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa who settle around Spain, mainly in the biggest cities.
Regarding the first years of significant immigration (8 or 9 years ago), people thought that these immigrants were going to steal Spanish people’s jobs, but it didn’t happen. On the contrary, they worked in the kinds of jobs that Spaniards didn’t like, such as hotel and catering trade, construction or house cleaning, and they obtained low salaries. The immigration gave a boost to the economy some years ago.
However, in crisis time, people want immigrants to return to their countries so that they leave free these kind of jobs which Spaniards rejected before.
From my point of view, immigration has positive elements like an increase in the number of people registered in the National Health system, increase of GNP, etc. And also, some negative elements like smallest salaries and worse hiring conditions.
In conclusion, the Spanish Government must reform the law and develop social integration policies, to adapt the law to the new migration reality.

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  1. almanusa permalink
    May 11, 2009 11:01 am

    I agree with you about everything you say to us in your post, but we need to have into account the quantity of people who have came to Spain whithout any control and the quality of life that all this people have suffered since then because more of them never have had a legal contract, or a place where they could live, ….

    Now the Government is going to modify the immigration law. There are many questions to change. I wish they could change it thinking in the well-being of all this people.

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