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April 1, 2009


MONEY:Parents will give their children whatever quantity they thnk  is enough  whenever they decide to do so.

TV:Parents can watch whatever TV programms they want, and they have to watch the programms their children like with them to be sure it is appropiate for them, and above all establish a timetable to limit the hours their children spend watching it.

CLOTHES: Parents should understand fashion changes and that their children uss their clothes to express themselves.

FRIENDS:Parents should meet whoever their children go out with, and talk with their children about their relation with them, teaching them what  real friendship is.

MEALS: At home family will eat whatever is prepared on the table, with no funny faces and no bad words. Parents will prepare a healthy diet and will be joined by their children at cooking time to cook together.

PRIVACY:Parents will have privacy wherever they want and whenever they choose; they will try to inform their children about all the important decisions.

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