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Sister Clarence 3: Pamela Wilson

January 30, 2009

I don’t know why, but all the way through Pamela Wilson’s house in Los Angeles I visualized her as the cheeky girl that appeared in her most successful movie, Everything but sweet girls, as though thirty years hadn’t passed since then: alluring and full of energy in her leather underwear, her big green eyes looking defiantly at the world. Instead, when she opened the door, I found a shy sixty-year-old lady on slippers and dressed in a pink robe; her eyes were now lifeless and all her vitality seemed hidden in a sea of wrinkles and tiredness.

Ms Wilson was supposed to add new and crucial information about Sister Clarence’s past and, indeed, when she started to loosen her waspish tongue, new perspectives opened in my investigation. She had met Sister Clarence (Alice Cooper, for her) twenty-eight years before at the recording of Sweet corn cobs for lonely rabbits, starred by Ms Wilson. At that moment, Alice Cooper was still a beginner, and they become best friends almost instantaneously. But soon, Sister Clarence’s career took off and, in Ms Wilson’s resentful words, she become a boastful and pompous woman, too classy, for instance, to appear in Everything but sweet girls. So, by the time Sister Clarence finally entered the convent, they were not friends any more.

Driving back to San Francisco, Ms Wilson’s words were still running in my head. Sister Clarence had turned out not to be the humble and modest woman she was supposed to. It seemed also that I should revise all my convictions about friendship, especially about “best friendship”. Finally, I was intrigued by the role of one of Sister Clarence’s partners: Jim Clamsy, whom Ms Wilson referred to as “the Beast”. Why on earth was the sixty-year-old reporter from the CNN called, in spite of his well-mannered aspect and his trustworthy blue eyes, the Beast? That was, as I would discover later, a fundamental question in Sister Clarence story.

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  1. eoiamalfi permalink
    February 5, 2009 11:45 am

    You should write a complete script about Sister Clarence and maybe some director buy it for making a film based on your brilliant character…It´s very original!!!

  2. loli permalink
    February 5, 2009 11:50 am

    May be the reason for all this discalifications about Mss. Clarence are “the envy”. A life full of success and money is a mirror for someone who would like to live her life. I think this is the reason because she was named “The beast”.

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