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My mum

January 20, 2009

My mother has just turned sixty splendid years old. Physically ,she is middle- height, brown-eyed, dark- haired, and recently thinner than years before.

Her life has been devoted to bringing up her children and support her husband in his job. She is always friendly and welcoming towards guests. Her kindness and care stand out among her best virtues. In her youth she used to wear a short skirt and flat shoes, which made her apparently vivacious, jovial and outgoing. In her high heel shoes and dressed in a tight black suit she looked svelte and distinguished showing off her figure brightly.

Being such a hard-worker and active woman, it has been a tough experience to accept a new situation in which she is now a dependent person. In spite of her strong-willed character she had never been able to overcome so many difficulties. The side effects of her disease make her impatient, impulsive and stubborn. She used to be very absent- minded and forgetful although she enjoys a good standard of living.

She is affectionate, kind-hearted, helpful and supportive with my problems. Her perseverance and determination make her a charismatic woman .

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