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My cousin Paul

January 20, 2009

In his forties, my cousin Paul is the kind of person who you either love or hate, but he doesn´t leave anybody indifferent.

I would like to see him more frequently but living in different cities, it is complicated.

Her mum describes him as a “tender-hearted and high-spirited guy, who is the living image of his father”.

As well as this, the family consider him witty because he always has a funny answer for each question.

Another quality of his personality is that despite having a lot of common sense, he can be a bit scatty.

His personality extends to his curious sense of style.

He has never feared disgruntled looks from those who do not get his casual fashion sense.

On the other hand, what I don´t really like about Paul is that he is very disorganized. Mess drives his behaviour and I can still remember when he came back twice or more for to checking if the front door was closed…he is so absent-minded!

Summing up, it is said that nobody is perfect…and we are really looking forward to our next meeting with Paul because he is a great fun to be with.


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