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My bosom friend

January 20, 2009

I have thought a lot about who is the person whom I would most like to see again, and finally I have solved the quiz: She’s my childhood bosom friend, Sagrario.
I met her at day nursery when we were both three and we were hand in glove until the eighth course at Primary School. During this last year I have surprised myself thinking about how she would be and what she would be doing nowadays.
To begin with, she was (and I suppose she still will be) an extremely alluring girl with a slender body in addition to a graceful face with incredible black and vivacious eyes. Her hair was black too and she was always combing it with her fingers.
To continue , I have to say that she was painfully conceited. For instance, we wore a schoolar uniform but she used to get changed on her house’s lift everyday and put on cuter clothes instead. As a result, there were many times that she was not allowed to go into school with that kind of ‘uniform´.
In addition she had a rough voice, people usually were surprised wondering how an adorable girl like her could have such a coarse voice. She was also obstinate in a wacky way for example one day she spent two hours trying to convince me about the fact that Spanish coin was the ‘duro’.
Finally I would like to point out that she was so good-natured, quite innocent and a bit rash, but nowadays I realize that many times people had a wrong impression of her and I feel it’s a shame that our classmates didn’t get to know her as well as I did. I hope we will meet soon.

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