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Marcs’s dreams

January 20, 2009

It’s not easy to describe my polyhedric friend Marc. He’s a box of surprises. He’s very talented and ingenious and he likes to do different things at the same time. He’s very stubborn and he always manages to do what he wants.

He’s a civil servant but, anyway, he hasn’t himself to do the same forever. So, three years ago he decided to take a break and travel solo around
South America. He spent six months there. He’s very self-sufficient, extrovert and sociable so he didn’t have too many problems and he very much enjoyed this opportunity that not everybody can afford. Nevertheless, he realizes that some days were a little bit sad or complicated, he’s terribly absent-minded. Then, he brought out his great sense of humour and his optimism and, quickly, the homesickness and troubles disappeared from his mind.

He’s an imaginative cook, maybe because he loves eating, sometimes too much. Often, when he’s hungry he’s very impolite. He doesn’t wait for anybody and he gobbles food. He writes very well, with a really ironic style. Becoming a television scriptwriter is one of his multiple projects, which, on the other hand is not easy. Now, he’s working as a social educator. One day, who knows, he might come back to his post in civil service. At the moment, this jovial and single-minded man keeps on dreaming.

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