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Julia, a description

January 20, 2009

Julia was my best friend when I was twelve years old. After she went to Australia with her family we lost track of eachother.

If I had to describe my former classmate now I would not be sure what he’s like. Nevertheless, I am still sure she is the best friend I have ever had.

All I remember from her is her slender figure, with long thin legs always with scars; a sweet face full of freckles with a smart and aloof look and the most beautiful hair I had ever seen. A honey head of hair hairdo in two long plaits I always was envying.

In spite of her distant appearance I recall her as a witty, imaginative, extrovert, charismatic, and courageous girl I have ever ever met. At that time we fancied pretending to be twins., even though I was neither fair, nor tall as she was and I had my dark hair cut like a boy. We were equal in our awareness and dreams.

We had met at school when we were doing First Year. We became inseparable since we sat at the same bench. We also shared the same surname, the jokes and plots we made up about the nuns, her perplexity about us, and a huge curiosity about everything.

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