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Malalai Joya

January 15, 2009

She said: “This Parliament is worse than a stable, because in the stables there are at least useful animals”. And then, the Chamber of Deputies voted her expulsion for three years. But she isn´t intimidated neither by the insults that she suffers every day nor by the hounding of extremist people. She is Malai Joya a parliamentary of the Afghan Govern, a born fighter for women and children´s rights, which are non-existent in Afghanistan.
After reading an article about her on internet, her story impressed me and aroused my admiration. Her deep brown eyes and her intense look transmitted to me the incredible strength and the thriving will of somebody who is only twenty nine years old, who has had the courage to recover from four attempted murders. Her brightness and determination lead this long dark haired woman, who dresses her light body with occidental clothes, without veil, to defend the cause of the Afghan woman since she was very young, teaching women and managing several orphanages at refugee camps.
When she talks she transmits sweetness and naivety by means of her warm voice. Through her clearly and honest words she has denounced the assassination of thousands of people and the abusive treatment of women. She is a symbol not only for oppressed people, but the entire occidental world. She is the hope and the light for all the victims of twisted minds, those who live a hell in the earth.
I wonder if I had her bravery to go on in the same circumstances. I believe that probably this would be impossible, so I can only support her and help her to make her voice heard, a voice that bothers and it is thought to be killed by fundamentalists, but her fight is now unstoppable.

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