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January 15, 2009

Mari has been my best friend since we were children. We are 19 years old and both we were both born in the same month. We live in a small village where everybody knows everyone. Mari and I went to the same school and high school. Nowadays we are studying at university but last year she asked for a grant in a university in another country because she is very adventurous, so, she picked out Findland and now she is studying there.

Ever Since she started her degree, she had wanted to go abroad. She is a person who knows exactly what she wants and she is very courageous.On other hand, I think that she doesn’t have a lot of problems to get along with people because she is well-mannered and bright, and she can speak a lot of languages. In addition, she is modest, extremely charismatic, and pretty kind-hearted. Mari always attracts people’s attention because she has lots of different skills and abilities and can easily change from one kind of activity to another and is very creative.

From my point of view, she will manage to pass her exams because she is very career-orientated.

With regards to her physical appearance, she has a nice and very happy face because she is always laughing. Mari is very coquettish , when we go out at night, she always wears modern clothes and uses make up. She has green eyes which show her feelings, when you look at her, you can know if she is happy or sad.

To sum up, Mari has been my best friend since I was born because.wE have a lot of hobbies in common. Although Mari is in Findland we talk everyweek by phone. She is going to come back in June when she finishes her exams. I look foward to seeing her.

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