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My friend Jose

January 15, 2009

Jose is my university classmate. He is 25 years old and lives in Banyeres de Mariola. We have known each other since 2004, when we started our studies at the university in Alcoi.

He is a hefty person. I need to raise my head to speak to him because he is taller than me. His hands are huge. He can take a football ball with only one hand.

He has short blond hair and a round face. His nose is snub and his ears are little. However, his mouth and eyes are big.

He usually wears blue jeans and long-sleeved striped cotton shirts. In winter, he always wears a plain wool scarf, which matches his gloves.

He is friendly and extrovert. He has never been embarrassed about anything something. He has a jovial sense of humour and usually he is pulling somebody’s leg.

He is not a very clever person but he works hard to achieve his challenges.

In his free time he plays football with his friends but besides he likes spending a lot of time with his nieces, who were born last summer.

Last time I saw him was a hot day in July after doing the last exam of our degree.

Nowadays he is working for an important textile company in his city.

There, he works as a production engineer.

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