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The old young boy

January 15, 2009

First time I saw him, he was wearing a non-sleeved green t-shirt, and his scruffy jeans. It was summer and he was really dark skinned, so his jovial white smile enlighted his friendly face, even more than usual, he was so lovely, the day we met!
He seems an old young man, or a young old man, because he has curly grey hair and he has some wrinkles on his face, but they are the typical and interesting wrinkles of a man almost in his forties, but he is a teenager in soul. He feels,lives and smiles like a young boy,and he even wears funny sport trainers, and t-shirts with funny pictures or sentences.Only when he has to go to serious meetings does he wear a suit, and that is when he seems the mature man he really is.
I love talking hours and hours with him, he has the experience of an old person, but he sees the world as a cheeky boy, so the mixture makes him the most interesting person I know, he is really ingenious, and extremely funny, you can not stop laughing with him!He always makes me smile.But he also loves listening to people , and he is compassionate and sensitive.
Now, I remember last time we said goodbye, he was wearing his fashionable dark and they were covered in tears,he used to be extrovert, and so self-secure, but then he was shy, and embarrassed, the old man wanted to be calm, but the boy was crying.
I miss them both, the old one and the checky boy.

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