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Who is Superlopez?

January 14, 2009

I first met Superlopez nearly 25 years ago when I bought a comic book titled “Superlopez y los cabecicubos” (Superlopez and the cube-headed humans). I found it funny that a superhero didn’t arouse any admiration among humans and could have bumps on his head so easily.

Superlopez, as a parody of Superman, came from another planet called Chiton when he was a baby. He wears a blue costume, like a pyjamas, that covers his whole body except for his head and hands, a red cape, black briefs (worn over the blue tights), a yellow belt and a yellow “S” on his chest. He is medium height, average build, he has black hair, lastly with some grey hairs, and he has a black moustache, probably to hide his big nose.

His alter ego is Juan Lopez, a forgetful and absent-minded office-worker, who, fed up with his bureaucratic work, wastes his time making origami birds in his messy office.

Although Superlopez is always fighting villains, he is not charismatic. He usually passes unnoticed and his heroic deeds are undervalued. In fact, Juan Lopez’s girlfriend, who is extremely bad-tempered, arrogant, and intolerable, considers Superlopez to be an egocentric because he always tries to be the centre of attention. Nothing further from the truth.

In summary, Superlopez is an ordinary guy who has some superhuman abilities and he uses them to help humanity but these superpowers don’t turn him into a big-headed man.

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