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Strange customs (for us).

December 15, 2008


Recently we could read in one of our posts, the leaflet about Berlin, that  the Germans drink hot wine.  We find this German custom  strange and curious.  How about finding out about customs from other parts of the world which are strange or curious to us but very common for them?.  I can talk about another common alcoholic drink hot served.

Talking with my Polish friend Pawel, he told me that in Poland there exists a drink called “grzane piwo” which is a caloric and sweet drink typical from Poland. This is not a party drink.  This drink is  mainly made of beer,  sugar and honey and they usually drink it in winter, in the same we have our   chocolate with fritters.

But there are many places where you can taste hot beer because it seems that it is  common to drinking hot beer not only in Poland, but also in Germany and France. I have never tasted hot wine or beer, but this is one thing I will try to taste when I visit one of these places.

On the other hand, which of our customs could be strange for them? Maybe many of our common activities….

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