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November 28, 2008

After having been strolling along the north of Croatia during nearly a month, and bored of the crowded beaches of Istria, we decided to go off the beaten track to Eslovenia looking for a tranquil end for our holiday.
Ljubljana, housing 280000 people, is known as the little daughter of Paris and Wienne. This is not an exaggeration, being the point where the Centre and East European and Mediterranean cultural influences converge. It combines the majesty of its buildings and gardens with the calmness of a provincial big town.
The heart of this city to scale, is the river Ljubljanica . On its right side you find The Old Town where you can spend your time gazing at a varied number of ancient monuments, Renaissance palaces, Baroque fountains. The Cathedral of Saint Nicolas with its green spires. Don’t miss to visit the Gothic Castle and have a beautiful sight of the city from its Belvedere. After a quiet walk along Tivoli Gardens you can cross to the left riverside into The New City where many modern administrative buildings share the space with old churches and nineteenth century avenues. The National Library of the genial architect Plecnik, The Slovenska Philarmonic, a large number of Art-Nouveau houses, and the most important museums , are some of the beauties you can take advantage of in this area. And nothing better than finish the day having a relaxing meal in one of the peaceful restaurants close to the river enjoying the summer activities that take place in the evening , life music , theatre, performances. And if you are a night owl you’ll find fun in the sophisticated pubs and nights clubs scattered around the city.
Definitively Ljubljana is a must-see place where you can taste a bit of the charm of the Old Europe.

Paco Morell

L’Eliana 24th november 2008

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