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Blasco Ibáñez comes back to Valencia

November 28, 2008

jpg_blasco_ibanezIf you drop by the city centre of Valencia, now you must see the exhibition “Blasco Ibáñez comes back to Valencia (1933-2008)” which commemorates the 75 anniversary of his mortal remains’ removed to this city and the popular support to the republican writer.

For this reason, make sure you go to the North Station and the Main Post Office, where photographs about his life and his career are exhibited together with copies of title pages, newspaper reviews, etc. You can also see amazing images about the mortal remains’ removed.

Don’ t miss the two documentaries which are shown too. They capture the dimension of the funeral procession.

Finally, it’ s good value for money to buy a copy of the newspaper “El Pueblo “, dated October 29th 1933, which pays tribute to the author and it only costs 0,10 cents.

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